Lucius Marco

The Prince


A man of tireless posture, the successor of Gaston Lafleche took the throne in a time of great need for the city of Ottawa. Despite his Italian heritage, Marco knows Ottawa and its surroundings very well. He is rumoured to have been operating in Ottawa since the early 1940’s, but his true age and legacy is mostly a mystery. Marco became Prince of Ottawa after the final death of Gaston Lafleche, the previous Prince. Also known as “The Martyr King” His hand fall is swift and resolute. Trouble makers are dealt with quickly; bad things always seem to happen to his enemies. He rules in a manner that is somewhat withdrawn from the rest of the city. He sits atop his ivory throne, watching his machine at work.


" I do not share much of my early life but what I can tell you is this. "

Lucius Marco

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