The Beast


Nassir is a tall African American male. Wielding a deadly potency of claws and dreadlocks, Nassir is the epitomy of a wild child. Most view him as un civil, and some as down right disgusting.

A large case of a short attention span, when a thought enters this Gangrels mind he usually does it. Whether it is jumping onto a table to a closer looks as someone sitting at the table or jumping from a 10 story building.

No one is quite sure why the Price allows Nassir to stay. He is a member of the Camarilla through and through though he does not show the etiqutte well. Some believe the Prince has further use for him. Other think that you simply cannot banish something so wild. Especially when the wild thing considers this Sect and city “his” home.


“You want to know more about me? Why? I’d rather do things. Wanna go for a run? I love to run. Always have since….(Insert some piece of his history)


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