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Welcome to the Wiki portal for “A Capital Midnight”!

This portal is used to share information about in-game locations, PCs, NPCs, and other information not seen in the players handbook.

Here, you can display some of character’s personal additions to the city. Does your character own a bar or nightclub? Do they tag their names in spray paint within their hunting territory? Do they drive a recognizable vehicle? This is where you can post information, photos and even fun facts to help us add further detail to the city we’re playing in; we’d like you to help us tell a better story!

For cohesiveness, sometimes we may need to edit information that is listed by players. Don’t worry, we will let you know if we need to edit something, and we’ll explain why we need to edit it. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s ideas!

All of the information that is listed here will be considered common knowledge, so please be very careful about the information you choose to post. If you’re not sure about the content you’d like to post, please let us know!

Thank you, and enjoy!
From the Staff of Capital Midnight.

Home Page

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